• Have you ever wondered how life would be without a vacuum cleaner? Then it is very important to understand the benefits of using a vacuum cleaner. Here are a few points to consider.

    Before the vacuum was invented...

    Before the time a vacuum cleaner was invented, people cleaned the carpets and rugs manually by using a broom. It was a challenging task as the surfaces were not easy to wash, but to get the cleaning tasks done, the rich man had to use servants or maids. That was the reality until 1860, when the first vacuum cleaner was invented by Frederick Walton, which marked an important turning point for the development of vacuums in the future.

    Nowadays, good vacuum brands are continually launching products that aim at improving efficiency and becoming more and more cost-efficient.

    What is a vacuum cleaner?

    A vacuum cleaner was designed to clean dirt and dust, stairs, furniture, and collect pet hair. There are five main vacuum types on the marketplace: handheld, upright, canister, stick, and robot. Each offers many advantages for certain functions, and all you need to do is consider and get the most satisfying one for yourself.

    Benefits of using a vacuum cleaner

    1. Remove dust and debris

    First thing first, keep in mind that all of the vacuum types are designed to make  cleaning simpler. Some types even have special tools to clean stairs, capture pet hair and remove allergy causing particles. This is why people should have a vacuum in life.

    2. Save your time

    Even if you do not own any of the highest rated vacuum cleaners, you will still save time. Take a 300-room hotel as a scenario. To effectively save time, a vacuum cleaner was provided to the housekeepers so that they can ensure the tasks are completed on time.

    3. Requires the least human input

    Initially people often used two to three servants or maids to clean carpets. It is much required human input for a job done. Fortunately, in today’s era, a vacuum can replace people to do the cleaning duties. Take robot vacuums as an example. Designed with a special sensor, they can navigate themselves to determine the cleaning areas without one’s supervision.

    4. Cleanliness and hygiene

    You do not need to worry much about hygiene issues when using a vacuum cleaner. If you are planning to clean a shelf on a high surface, portable appliances like handheld vacuums, or robot vacuums work best. 

    5. Affordability

    It will cost you approximately $2000 to own one of the best vacuum cleaners for use in the long-run. The price might shock you at first but it is still worth it, compared to the option of hiring people. But on average, it will cost about $50-$100 for a vacuum cleaner with basic functions .

    6. Portability

    Some of the vacuum models are handy, cord-free, lightweight, and small in size so that they can be easily carried. A portable robot or handheld vacuum is also handicap-friendly.


    There are many advantages of using a vacuum in terms of the work efficiency, design, and performance. This is why a vacuum is listed as a “should-have” in every modern household.

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  • Many coffee experts say that coffee grinders have a significant impact on the aroma and the taste of your coffee. In other words, choosing the right coffee grinder is very important if you want your cup of coffee to be at its best.

    Worry not! We are here to help you find the best coffee grinder that suits not only your taste but also your wallet.

    After hours of research and searching, we can now present you the top three best coffee grinders based on different categories including:


    • Best Coffee Grinder for Espresso
    • Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over Coffee
    • Best Budget Coffee Grinder


    1. Breville Smart Grinder Pro - Best Coffee Grinder for Espresso

    The Breville coffee grinder is a high quality electric conical burr grinder. The burrs are made from stainless-steel, which makes it very durable. And what is more, the coffee hopper can grind an entire pound of coffee beans in one go

    The Breville grinder includes up to 60 grind settings of coarseness, making it the perfect grinder for espresso. The setting from ultra-fine to medium creates consistent grounds in a short time. However, coarse grinds are not an advantage of this grinder.

    The best thing is, cleaning this grinder is super easy and quick thanks to the magnetic grounds tray.

    Because of its high quality, the Breville grinder is quite pricey. Another downside is that the grinding sound can be loud, and there is no button to switch off the machine.

    2. Baratza Virtuoso Burr Grinder - Best Coffee Grinder in the world for Pour Over

    For pour-over coffee, the Virtuoso is the best choice considering the quality, effectiveness, and price. It is a durable grinder suitable for daily use. Some coffee shops even use it as a backup coffee grinder. 

    Are you a beginner? No problem, the design of the Virtuoso is elegant and minimal; you can use it at ease. But the model also requires frequent cleaning.

    There are 40 different settings that you can use for anything from pressurized operation to French press. The Virtuoso makes uniform and consistent grinds at every setting, from fine grind to coarse grind.

    The special thing about this grinder is the adjustable timer and the pulse option. It is also equipped with a speed reducer, so you don’t have to worry about the noise and heat.

    The downside is there is no indicator on the timer knob, so it will probably waste you some beans before you get the hang of it.

    3. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder - Best Budget Coffee Grinder

    Are you new to coffee brewing? Or do you simply have a low budget? In that case, the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder is the perfect coffee grinder for you.

    The body of the grinder is made of plastic but with high quality material and is built to last. The design looks exclusive, and it comes in seven different colors.

    This grinder is super convenient, it is easy to use, and you can clean it in seconds! 

    There are 14 grind settings, and it does a pretty impressive job in each setting. The grounds come out consistent compared to its competitors.

    Finally, there are a few drawbacks. The grinder looks durable, but the machine parts inside are not very high quality. And of course, it is more prone to breakdowns than top-notch coffee grinders.

    But overall, with a reasonable price like that, this grinder is totally worth it!

    Enjoy Your Coffee!

    Your choice for a coffee grinder should depend on your budget and needs. Each one we have mentioned here has both pros and cons, but they are all worth it.

    I hope I made it easier for you to decide which coffee grinder to buy. I would love to hear your opinions and stories in the comments section below. 

    Thank you for reading!

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  • Chemex makes better coffee than alternatives according to most connoisseurs’ opinions. Even though the brewing process by Chemex is not suitable for those who need morning caffeine infusion to wake up, you can see how much people love Chemex by clear evidence of its long existence since the 30s.

    So, what is a Chemex?

    The Chemex, which was invented in 1941 by Peter Schlobohm, is a manual, pour-over style, glass-container coffeemaker. It comes with a simple design, including a hand-blown hourglass-shaped vessel made of durable tempered glass. Chemistry instruments influenced the idea behind its elegant creation.

    The most considerable factors when it comes to a Chemex are the filters and the coffee grounds used with it. If you are still unsure about which grinder you should buy, we highly suggest a medium-coarse mill when making coffee with a Chemex. Why? The filter in the Chemex brewing machine is overall thicker than others because of being woven so tightly. It takes a longer time than usual to brew coffee, but the extracted outcome will be tender while minimizing bitterness and enhancing the developed aroma.

    There are two different types of grinders for Chemex: a blender model or a burr model. They could be found either in manual or electric versions. Pick the best rated coffee grinder for Chemex from our recommended list.

    Choosing the right grind size for Chemex plays a vital role in extracting the perfect amount of taste and flavor from your coffee, so there’s no over-extracting and no under-extracting anymore.

    On the way to choosing the best coffee grinders for Chemex, I have separated my search into two different product lines, an automatic one and a manual one. I have been working extensively to narrow down the search scales and come up with the best items of each line for you. Read on and explore it!

    1- Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

    There are several choices when it comes to the best coffee grinder for Chemex. From the list, the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is my top pick, not only for its diversity of settings and excellence for any size grounds but also for its user-friendliness and durability.

    What does it bring to your coffee experiences?

    This Baratza Encore is the best choice of best burr grinder for Chemex. The main reason is that it can make any size of grounds, including medium-coarse grinds for Chemex filters. Another value-for-the-money feature is its burr, which is made from 40mm hardened steel. This burr is designed precisely to make perfect ground coffee. This burr grinder works in the manner to achieve enough consistency at low speeds without causing heat and friction. That means your coffee is not heating up but tasting fresh, and the result is not overcooked.

    If you are not an expert in making coffee, this model is the best fit for you. With 40 individual grind settings, you can have a world of coffee making under your kitchen cabinet. Not only Chemex, but you also have a machine ready for trying other brew methods, for example, espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, French Press, and automatic brewers, etc. All ranges of fine, medium, and medium-coarse grinds are handled well.

    Thanks to its robust steel framework, you can get a machine for a lifetime. Moreover, Baratza’s excellent customer service is another key for you to have this one at home. There is no worry about a product that is backed by a reliable company with worldwide support.


    • Convenience and versatility with 40 different settings, suitable for all sizes of grounds, especially for medium coarse, which is a perfect size for Chemex
    • Complete burr set is ideal for variable brewing methods with speeds up to 450rpm
    • A quiet motor which also keeps the beans cool during extended grind times
    • Compact design with a small footprint, which easily fits into most kitchen cabinets
    • High durability with robust steel framework
    • Excellent customer service


    • No customization for the determined grinding amount. That means you cannot set up a certain amount of coffee beans for specific cups of coffee.
    • Need time to get familiar with it, because of many program settings

    2- Kalita KH-3 Retro One Coffee Grinder

    The Kalita coffee grinder is a beautiful choice for people who enjoy making coffee for joy and relaxation. It is perfect as a figurine in the design of a classical atmosphere. The reason I chose a manual coffee grinder is that it is manually working. Brewing coffee with a Chemex is entirely manual; therefore it’s better to have another manual item to walk through the coffee-making process.

    What does it bring to your coffee experiences?

    Voted as the best manual coffee grinder that is both high in quality and within your budget. At first glance, it works great and is aesthetically more pleasing than all other hand mills. Moreover, compared to using an electric grinder, this model gently grinds your beans in an easy-to-adjust and slow manner. Many coffee nuts vote for its better coffee flavor.

    It is a hand grinder, which means you turn the handle on the top of this model to grind your coffee beans by hand. You have to screw on the handle which is inherently part of the design, and you remove the handle each time you want to adjust the coarseness anyways


    • Great versatility – you can adjust grinding levels from crushed beans to a fine powder. Therefore, you can make an excellent medium-coarse ground for Chemex without any barriers.
    • Excellent performance of grinding coffee beans. The coffee extracted from this slow-made ground is perfect in its texture, taste, and aroma.
    • Nice looking with a traditional retro appearance. The combination of metal and polished wood makes it attractive to everyone at first sight.
    • In some urgent cases, it can be used to grind spices.


    • Not clear instructions. Therefore, people who are not familiar with manually grinding will find it a bit messy to deal with for the first time. However, you can find many instruction videos on YouTube relating to this handy machine.
    • Cover on the hopper is absent. Some of the beans can occasionally jump out while turning the handle.
    • I want to recommend this grinder for more dedicated coffee lovers who enjoy the ritual, or those who specifically prefer the very mild, very low-acid coffee this maker produces.

    If you like hand-grinding your coffee, the Kalita KH-3 Retro One Coffee Grinder Mill is a winner to put in your shopping cart. Some people even consider making coffee with this Kalita machine as part of their morning ritual meditation. In case convenience and versatility are your priority, a Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder can do all the things you need. Also, you will be surprised at how diversified it brings you to the coffee world.

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  • An Ibrik or Cezve, the long-handled pot used to brew Turkish coffee, brings you the most authentic and traditional experience of making coffee at home. Typically, Turkish coffee is enjoyed as a small shot, not as a big cup of black coffee.

    Preparing coffee with an ibrik might seem like a process of a bygone era, but it is still one of the favorite methods for brewing coffee in Russian homes and European kitchens and has been reinvigorated  by baristas and coffee lovers in recent times. 


    While the Turkish coffee brewing method originated from Turkey, the best coffee grinders on the market for Turkish coffee nowadays are not only from that beautiful country. Through time, the tradition of Turkish coffee and culture are becoming more popular in European countries. So, it can easily be found that the best coffee grinder for Turkish coffee is made in the EU. Notably, the Germans, who have a reputation  for their outstanding engineering perfection, own several top-rated coffee grinders around the world.

    Size of ground coffee

    On the coffee grind chart, which ranges from extra coarse, coarse, medium/coarse, medium, medium/fine, fine, to extra fine, Turkish ground coffee falls into the finest category. It is not easy to find a specifically extra-fine grind mill, so you would need a Turkish coffee grinder to achieve an elegant and uniform grind like this, which is finer than espresso grind and not much different to flour or powder in texture.

    Size and design

    Different from its unique grind size, the actual size and shape of the Turkish grinder comes in various options. The traditional coffee mills with the small and cylinder-shaped appearance have the same size as most of the hand grinders on the market, such as Porlex, Turkish Coffee World coffee grinders, and so on. They typically come with a long, elaborate brass or copper tube with a delicately decorated rotating handle on the top. Traditionally, the Turkish grinder has a relatively small reservoir that fits the small shot of coffee.

    Fortunately, if you often have a more massive grinding demand, there are also a lot of best electric burr grinders that are versatile for any grinding sizes, including the finest for Turkish coffee ground available on the market, but less stylish in design. 

    Manual or electric

    A large number of Turkish coffee grinders are manual, as it requires an intensive force during the grinding process to produce a uniform and fine coffee ground as well as to retain the best aromatic oils and flavor of the coffee beans. Many coffee lovers who enjoy the whole process of brewing coffee do appreciate those manual mills, putting into the coffee their hard work and effort rather than just pressing a button. Nevertheless, there is no barrier for you to find many electric alternatives, both hand mills or in a massive footprint.


    When it comes to looking for a good coffee grinder for Turkish coffee, you could be overwhelmed by the available options on the market. As was mentioned above, while the Turkish brewing method originated in Turkey, German craftsmanship and brands make the best brand for Turkish coffee grinders. The Zassenhaus "Santiago" Manual Coffee Mill is one of the top picks for best Turkish coffee grinders. With more than 150 years of experience in supplying small-steel products and tools, Zassenhaus is currently becoming one of the premium brands for high-quality spice- and coffee mills. This conical burr grinder is built with German craftsmanship and a made-in-Germany Carbon steel grinding mechanism. You can have the ground coffee very fine, very coarse, and everything in between with this grinder by merely turning a screw to adjust the grind finer or coarser.

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