• Benefits of using a vacuum cleaner

    Have you ever wondered how life would be without a vacuum cleaner? Then it is very important to understand the benefits of using a vacuum cleaner. Here are a few points to consider.

    Before the vacuum was invented...

    Before the time a vacuum cleaner was invented, people cleaned the carpets and rugs manually by using a broom. It was a challenging task as the surfaces were not easy to wash, but to get the cleaning tasks done, the rich man had to use servants or maids. That was the reality until 1860, when the first vacuum cleaner was invented by Frederick Walton, which marked an important turning point for the development of vacuums in the future.

    Nowadays, good vacuum brands are continually launching products that aim at improving efficiency and becoming more and more cost-efficient.

    What is a vacuum cleaner?

    A vacuum cleaner was designed to clean dirt and dust, stairs, furniture, and collect pet hair. There are five main vacuum types on the marketplace: handheld, upright, canister, stick, and robot. Each offers many advantages for certain functions, and all you need to do is consider and get the most satisfying one for yourself.

    Benefits of using a vacuum cleaner

    1. Remove dust and debris

    First thing first, keep in mind that all of the vacuum types are designed to make  cleaning simpler. Some types even have special tools to clean stairs, capture pet hair and remove allergy causing particles. This is why people should have a vacuum in life.

    2. Save your time

    Even if you do not own any of the highest rated vacuum cleaners, you will still save time. Take a 300-room hotel as a scenario. To effectively save time, a vacuum cleaner was provided to the housekeepers so that they can ensure the tasks are completed on time.

    3. Requires the least human input

    Initially people often used two to three servants or maids to clean carpets. It is much required human input for a job done. Fortunately, in today’s era, a vacuum can replace people to do the cleaning duties. Take robot vacuums as an example. Designed with a special sensor, they can navigate themselves to determine the cleaning areas without one’s supervision.

    4. Cleanliness and hygiene

    You do not need to worry much about hygiene issues when using a vacuum cleaner. If you are planning to clean a shelf on a high surface, portable appliances like handheld vacuums, or robot vacuums work best. 

    5. Affordability

    It will cost you approximately $2000 to own one of the best vacuum cleaners for use in the long-run. The price might shock you at first but it is still worth it, compared to the option of hiring people. But on average, it will cost about $50-$100 for a vacuum cleaner with basic functions .

    6. Portability

    Some of the vacuum models are handy, cord-free, lightweight, and small in size so that they can be easily carried. A portable robot or handheld vacuum is also handicap-friendly.


    There are many advantages of using a vacuum in terms of the work efficiency, design, and performance. This is why a vacuum is listed as a “should-have” in every modern household.

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